Staircases are like backbone of your house when it is designed vertically. Our Architects in Meerut suggest that Vastu friendly design of Stairs is just as important as any other part. You might be having a lift in your residence – Still nothing beats good old stairs. It is not just healthy but also efficient and sustainable to use a staircase. Moreover, you can use them anytime and for anything.

Well, let us come to important Vastu Tips for Stairs:

  • Locate them in West, South West or South portion of the residence.
  • Therefore, they will also protect your home design from sun rays. This will help you keep your interiors on low temperature.
  • Staircases shall be designed to rotate clockwise as you ascend.
  • The riser of every step shall be similar.
  • Try to keep the riser value close to 6 inches.

We have been consulting different Architects and Vastu consultants regarding Stairs Vastu Tips. You can read more about them in our special Vastu Tips for Staircase article. Moreover, feel free to explore our website. You will certainly find something useful for your house design.

More Stairs Vastu tips by Architects in Meerut

As mentioned above, keep the riser height as close to 6 inches as you can. That is most comfortable riser value for a normal human. You can increase this value to a maximum of 8 inches (not recommended).

  • Never design any space other than a storage under the staircase in a residence.
  • Designing toilets below stairs will cause knee related pain issues to the users.
  • Make sure you provide enough natural light and air ventilation in this area.
  • Having a temple under a staircase is considered inauspicious according to residence Vastu.
  • You can have doors on the both ends of a staircase.
  • Just make sure they do not obstruct the landing when opened.
  • Never obstruct steps by placing anything on them.
  • You can place decorative items like flowerpots on steps but only if you leave enough width to pass residents.

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