Vastu Dosh is a state of a building when it is built against the rules of Vastu Shastra. Clearly, such a building will affect the health, mind, and economy of residents in wrong way. In our “How to Clear Vastu Dosh” guide, you can learn the method to resolve these issues. With that being said, let me take you to the 3 steps:

1. Identifying Vastu Dosh

It is very difficult to resolve an issue until you know what it is. Similarly, To clear a Vastu Dosh in a building – You need to find out the exact Dosh (Error). There are 2 methods of predicting the vaastu error –

Consulting a Vastu Expert is the best way to clear Dosh in Vastu. Such an expert has good skills to find out the issues and advising solutions. You can also predict Vastu error by guessing – which could be wrong if you do not have proper knowledge of VastuShastra.

2. Find The Remedy

After you have identified the exact Vastu Dosh, it is time to find a solution for it. You can either consult an Expert on Vastu for this OR read the literature. Feel free to refer recommended writers and their guide. Do not listen to people with incomplete knowledge. Everyone around you will suggest various solutions to your problems. But, not all of those solutions could be correct for your specific problem.

how to clear vastu dosh remedy in home vastu tips expert

3. Clear Vastu Dosh

Now when you know the issue and you have medicine for it, let us clear the Vastu Dosh. It is the final step of our How to Clear Vastu Dosh guide article. It is time you burn your problems with the power of knowledge. Although, be careful while using a Vastu Dosh remedy. A Vastu solution cast in an improper way is not going to result well. Thus, feel free to take advice from a Vastu Expert like Ar. Neelesh Sharma.
You can obviously also go for any other Vastu expert. Just make sure your trusted genius has the skills to help you out. You can also use online tools like Google or Quora to get your answers.


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