Empty or blank walls in a room certainly look boring. They create an environment of dullness and laziness around us. Thus, a smart homeowner should use those dead walls to create live and entertaining spaces. As an Architect or Interior Designer in Jaipur, we are trying our best to provide you with the best empty room wall design. Here are a few methods to convert those boring walls into creative screens.

Create a picture Collage on empty walls

One of the simplest and yet interesting methods is placing multiple photo frames on the wall. Cluster these pictures in a way to make it look random. Such a picture collage will look quite interesting. You can use this empty room wall design idea to narrate a story of your family. Additionally, this method is quite cheap and easy to incorporate. Remember, the key to this concept is to use images in a random pattern.

Wallpaper – Typical empty room wall design solution

Many people simply put wallpaper on the boring wall. In my perspective, it is not a smart solution for this problem. Certainly, wallpaper will reduce the dullness of the wall. Yet, you can practice many other interior design ideas. All of the other ideas, will add an sentimental touch to the aura. Secondly, wallpapers are getting boring nowadays. It is too typical.

Home Theatre Screen

If your wall is in a drawing room or living area – you can convert it into a screen for your home theatre. All you need to do is paint the wall in plain white color. Now, install a projector and connect it with speakers in your house. Locate the projector in a way that the projection of the screen is cast on the empty wall. Through this empty room wall design, you can create a cheap and efficient home theatre in a day.

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