Rishikesh – The city of Lord Bharat. The land of Rishikesh is blessed with Saints, Ganga and solid sand. Hilly region of Rishikesh allows us to design creative designs. As Architects in Uttarakhand, we are blessed to work in this spiritual city. We have designed and constructed some residences and a couple of commercial complexes here. Further, we are looking for more business opportunities in the town.

A couple of years ago, when we finished our first project in Rishikesh – we took our first step for being the best architect in Rishikesh. Soon, we started receiving queries from people around the site. It is our hard work that was paying off gradually. Our quality design and creative approach made us famous. Yet, we are thankful to every client who offered us their dream project.

Architects in rishikesh Vastu Consultant in uttarakhand vastu for home

It is sad to see that most of the Architects in the sacred land of Rishikesh are outsiders. These are designers working from Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai. They have very less knowledge about the climate and land in this city. You can not learn all about the usual habits of people in one day. That is why we started serving in this city. We are basically from Rishikesh itself.

I have spent all my life in Rishikesh. It taught me every up and down of the climate here. I have seen people living their daily life here. That is what makes me deliver the best house design for their homes.

– Ar. Mayank Agrawal (Architect in Rishikesh)

Local Architects in Rishikesh available

There was a time when people had to consult Architects from other cities or states for construction in Rishikesh. Now, you have a team of Architects, Interior designers and Landscape artists in your own city. We have established our office in City Center itself. Your search for Architect near me will end with our support. Similarly, Our search for more projects will end with your support.

Feel free to visit us in our office at City Center, Rishikesh. We are also available for site visits in and around the town. To contact us, drop us a message on our website. You can also call us on the given mobile number. Explore our website and previous projects to learn more about us. We will be glad to serve you by any means possible.

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